Charter Members - WOTM

To Whom It May Concern: Whereas, pursuant to the authority of Moose International, and in accordance with the General Laws, for the government of the Women of the Moose, fifty persons qualified as required by the laws of the Order have associated themselves together as applicants for a charter of a Chapter of the Women of the Moose, as an auxiliary of Rancho Cordova, California Lodge No. 2357, Loyal Order of Moose, pledging thereby a steadfast observance of al lays of the Order, the General Lays for the government of the Women of the Moose and zealous practice of its principles.

Now, Therefore,

The Supreme Council of Moose International, acting through the Grand Council of the Women of the Moose, does hereby grant unto the said petitioners and unto their successors, all the rights and privileges properly belonging and appertaining to a Chapter of the Women of the Moose, such authority to remain vested in them and their successors, time without end, so long as the General Laws of the Women of the Moose and the decrees of the Supreme Council are observed and the principles thereby represented are faithfully practiced.  This chapter shall be known and designated as Rancho Cordova, California Chapter No. 1941 women of the Moose

Date Instituted:  January 5, 1991

 Val Jean Baylor Roberta Buelow Patricia Burr
 Patricia Carlson Laura Casey Virginia Chamberlain
 Tiffany Contreras Linda Copp Iris Eaves
 Elizabeth EdmundIsabel Fearon Reda Georg
 Connie Greening Eunice HarrisYea Jones
 Phyllis Kowalak Nina Lynch Joanne McCracken
 Joann McIntire Marjorie Neumann Barbara Pratt
Ethyl Rhea Juanita Ringo Joy Roberts
 Jane Sheraskey Mary Simpson Donna Thomas
 Vicki Timberlake Shirley Vaughn Levida Ward
 Harriet ZitkaPhyllis Zitka