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Jack Carlson is awarded the CA/NV Legionnaire of the Year

Jack Carlson - Moose Legionnaire of the Year 2015-2016

83rd CA-NEV Annual Moose Association Convention

Congratulations Jeanne Boss!

Jack Carlson Receives his Pilgrim Degree

Jack and the lovely Mrs. Carlson
Tracey Harris congratulates Jack

A long overdue, and well deserved, Pilgrim Degree of Merit was bestowed on Jack Carlson in the House of God at Mooseheart, Illinois.  The Pilgrim Degree is a reward to members of the Fellowship Degree for extraordinary service to the Order.

Jack was one of nine California –Nevada Moose Association members to enter the Pilgrim Class of 2016

According to Moose International, the Pilgrim degree is attained only by devoted members who have given many years of service to and for our program. They have volunteered to cook, clean, serve as an officer, mentored others, and been fraternal leaders along the way.

Jack Carlson is the embodiment of the fore mentioned description.  Jack was one of the Founders of the Rancho Cordova Moose Lodge No. 2357, which was instituted on May 17, 1989 at the St. John Vianney Catholic Church.

Jack became the lodge’s second Governor for the fiscal year 1990-1991.  Jack liked to joke with his friend Hal Neumann, the first Governor of the lodge – Jack would tell Hal that he was the true first full-term Governor.  The Moose fiscal year starts on May 1st, the lodge was founded on May 17th, Hal was 17 days short of a full year.

Being the 2nd Governor didn’t stop Jack.  He was also the 5th Governor for the 1993-1994 year, and the 26th Governor for the 2015-2016 year.  Jack is the only 3-time Governor of the Rancho Cordova Lodge.

Jack has been actively involved in the lodge for over 27 years.  As mentioned, Jack has held the office of Governor three times, and Jack has led the lodge operations as Administrator two times.

Jack received his Fellowship Degree on May 31, 1993. Jack took an active role in building the lodge’s membership, he served on committees and volunteered his time and talents in service to the Moose programs.

Many members of the lodge have been sponsored by Jack.  He has sponsored over 100 LOOM members.

Jack has also been extremely active in the Moose Legion, where he has sponsored 112 members into the Legion. Jack is a Past President of the Moose Legion Mighty 190. 

Congratulations Jack on receiving your Gold Coat, and thank you for all that you have meant to the members of the Rancho Cordova Moose Lodge #2357

Community Enhancement Fund Grant

Thank You, Ramona
A big thank you to Ramona Luna-Barkey for writing and submitting the grant proposals that resulted in much needed fencing around the lodge.  Additional improvements will be added as a result of Ramona's hard work and dedication.